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  • Aug, 14 2019
    anonymous person
    They are horrible. I normally don't get my nails done here but due to an unfortunate series of events I had no choice. I called prior to coming in because I wanted to see how much an acrylic fill would run me. I was told about $16, which is reasonable. I then went on to get them done, and the man there decided to take off two nails that were a little loose (BARELY) and then charged me $2.50 for each.. (not bad... I know) but hear me out. He THEN decided to trick me into getting the gel color because its better which I agree, but for $10 extra? Also, I should mention that I NEVER have ever gotten charged for the way the nail looks??? I was charged an EXTRA $5 TO GET THE COFFIN STYLE.... WHAT IN THE WORLD. I LOOKED AT HIM LIKE HE HAD TEN HEADS... He got no tip, I was not happy, and left paying a total of $36 WHICH IS MORE THAN TO GET ACTUAL ACRYLIC NAILS PUT ON IN THE FIRST PLACE. THEY DIDN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE THE COFFIN STYLE, SO WHAT DID I PAY FOR????? IT WASN'T EVEN THE RIGHT LENGTH OR THINNESS. I told him multiple times to file the one side and make them the way the coffin looks and yet he did not exert my order. Awful service, Awful hole in the wall. Never going back, definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND. I'm surprised they didn't pay me to breathe their air.. Not to mention, they had all doors shut and I was inhaling toxic fumes, I thought I was going to pass out. Good bye and good riddance, I hope they shut down.
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